Cash Netting Services: A unique focus on cashflow

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A new payments netting initiative for high value payments is being assessed by eight leading global banks.  Cash Netting Services (CNS) will help banks to reduce daily interbank payment flows significantly – and associated liquidity and capital management obligations.  Eight banks are collaborating with CNS to gauge the size of the bilateral netting opportunity, and associated benefits in respect of improved cash and liquidity management practices and processes.   Full announcement here CNS_Banks_FINAL

CNS Articles

  • 19 December 2017 – Every day, the equivalent of over US$10 trillion in large value cash payments is made between banks, after other asset-specific netting and payment compression processes (e.g. CHIPS). To facilitate these significant global payment flows, over US$1trillion of cash is required to be held in bank payment systems as a liquidity buffer.  Click here for full article.